Friday , 26 February 2021
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7 Unimaginable Airbnbs Folks Had been Obsessed With This Month

7 Incredible Airbnbs People Were Obsessed With This Month

We may be in the middle of a pandemic, but many of us still have the travel bug. Although we may be barred from entering some countries due to COVID-19, we’re trying to make the best of what we have. Turns out, there’s a lot we can do, right in our own backyard! Regular tourism may be hard to come by these days, but the staycation is growing ever popular. Renting out entire homes, where all activities can be done […]

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This Is How AI Is Hacking Our Personal Psychology, And Not For Good Causes

This Is How AI Is Hacking Our Own Psychology, And Not For Good Reasons

We’ve all had an inner feeling that social media may not be on our side, 24/7. At first, it was the constant display of a perfect world, one that many sought to deem as not accurate. We only display our best moments online, and this is super misleading to those who imagine their favorite influencer‘s lives to be perfect 24/7. Then it was something else. Suddenly, a simple Google search for a hairdryer was now in your Instagram ads, on […]

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These Are Every Of The Zodiac Signal’s Distinctive Character Traits

These Are Each Of The Zodiac Sign’s Unique Personality Traits

Happy Monday to our amazing readers and their zodiac signs! As we scroll through Instagram and find memes that we associate with our own unique zodiac signs, we start to wonder … how much of this is actually true? Fire signs are dynamic, fun, and always up for a party. Earth signs heed balance and get realignment to move through the world. We hear all of these unique personality traits and wonder how much of this type of horoscope works […]

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Dealing With A Break-Up? Right here Are 7 Methods To Assist You Heal

Dealing With A Break-Up? Here Are 7 Strategies To Help You Heal

Ending a relationship is never fun. You have either tried so hard that you need to move on or you’re dealing with an unforeseen blow. With your partner, it can either be smooth sailing or a disaster. It could be a mutual break-up or one person ends up more hurt than the other. Regardless of who dealt the blow, you are ending a partnership with someone you have cared about for a period of time. It can be hurtful and […]

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