Friday , 26 February 2021
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You Have Been Coaching Mistaken The Entire Time

You Have Been Training Wrong The Whole Time

So we’ve been training wrong this whole time! It’s not click-bait, it’s a hard science. The thing about conventional weight-lifting is that you rapidly burn through a lot of energy. You quickly cause fatigue – instead of strengthening muscles through beneficial damage, you’re wearing them out. You’re also putting an unwarranted strain on your heart and lungs, and then, you run out of steam. So what should we be doing? According to fitness expert Wiebke Hensen, head coach of Vitruvian […].

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5 Strikes To Enhance Your Power At Residence With Zero Gear

5 Moves To Increase Your Strength At Home With Zero Equipment

While many of us are stuck at home, we’re missing key daily parts of our lives. One thing we wish we had? The gym. While HIIT and some good cardio are easy to do without equipment, there’s just something about being able to do strength training. BoxUnion has the solution. They’ve engineered five simples moves you can use at home to increase strength while we don’t have access to the gym, a special BoxUnion workout for Sporteluxe. Below are the […]

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Common Yoga Can Have a Severe Affect On Your Mind

Regular Yoga Can Have a Serious Impact On Your Brain

It’s easy to see the physical benefits of yoga after one session: Rosy cheeks, glowy skin, a sense of full-body calm. And yogis know that a regular practice can build lean muscle while increasing strength and flexibility—all good things. But it turns out that regular asana sessions can have a serious impact on the most important body part: Your brain. Here’s a list of the benefits of yoga to your brain Promotes higher levels of GABA production View this post […]

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This Pilates Studio Is Providing Free On-line Courses

This Pilates Studio Is Offering Free Online Classes

The way we work out has completely changed due to COVID-19. Some of us have taken a break from the gym, are on our work-out grind, or trying to stream our favorite work-out classes from home. No matter where you are, it’s safe to say that we miss exercise like crazy! Gyms and work-out classes have had to adjust to the pandemic’s demands and this New York City offering free online classes to help you stay fit, at home. Chloe […]

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Doing These Respiration Strategies Will Assist You Get Killer Abs

Doing These Breathing Techniques Will Help You Get Killer Abs

Erika​ ​Bloom​,​ pioneer Pilates instructor and a former professional dancer has a trick for strengthening your abdominal muscles, and it doesn’t involve working out. The luxury wellness expert has provided holistic, supportive, body-changing Pilates in many places, and she has a few tricks up her sleeve for getting killer abs. Breathing, and that’s it! We’ve interviewed the master Pilates instructor (who has helped me with my own training), on how performing breathing exercises can help you regain strength in your […].

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