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today we are taking a look at the brand new goprohero 11 black what is new what is different andultimately should you upgrade to this cameraalso does it overheat we’re gonna answer allthat today for you guys today’s video by the waynot sponsored by gopro it is however sponsored bywhat is my very favorite gopro accessory of alltime snap mounts if you own a gopro you should ownsnap mounts because uh magnets we’ll talk aboutthem a little bit later in the video but firstlet’s dive into the gopro hero 11 black thereis a ton to go over today starting with startingwith the physical features of this camera andwhat is new um nothing physically this is theexact same camera as the hero 10 which whichisn’t new and exciting and i think that somepeople are going to talk about that but i’m veryexcited about that because the gopro already had agreat form factor of course waterproof down to 33feet that large 2.27 inch rear screen large frontscreen really good tactile buttons i i love thesebuttons gopro has really really oddly good buttonswe still got those flipped down feet on the bottomthat are just super clever they fold away when notin use and then they pop out when you need themand boom you’re mounting super quick i absolutelylove that the lens is user replaceable i can buy abunch of these little bad boys and when i scratchthem i just pop it off pop a new one on and i’mready to rock again and because i kept everythingphysically the same from the hero 10 to the hero11 which by the way the hero 10 is physically thesame as the hero 9.

All of our old mounts fromthe 9 and the 10 will still work on the 11. soyour media mods your max lens mods anything thatyou had for the hero 9 or 10 any mounts you havewill work perfectly on the hero 11. which yes ofcourse means that if you have snap mounts for thehero 9 or 10 they they work for the 11 also andalso yes the battery is still the same so samesize battery but but what is different is thatthe enduro battery now comes with the hero 11.


for the hero 10 and hero 9 the the standardbattery the blue battery came with both ofthose cameras and then you could upgrade to theenduro battery now the enduro battery gives you 38longer recording it does better in hottemperatures it does much better in coldtemperatures and i’m pretty sure that the endurobattery is now just gopro’s battery because ifyou go on their website think you can only buythe enduro battery i don’t think i don’t thinkyou can even buy the standard battery anymore sophysically the same as the hero 10 so what is newwith the gopro hero 11 in and it’s what mattersthe most what’s on the inside the gopro hero 11now has a new larger sensor in there which isone over 1.9 inches which is a little bit i meantiny bit larger than a one-half inch sensor but onaction camera that that is huge because this thingnow also has an aspect ratio of eight by seven sothe sensor is almost a perfect square which meansthat if you have a sensor that’s square but butyou wanna put out a four by three photo well thenboom you just crop in that sensor to a four bythree photo or you wanna take that eight by sevenand you wanna crop in a 16 by nine you can dothat or a 9 by 16 you can do that so it’s almost aperfect square giving you the freedom to cropyour frame kind of wherever you want so no moredeciding while you’re filming should i shouldi shoot this way for youtube and and becauseit’s better or should i shoot this way for ticktock and instagram reels and all that stuff youdon’t have to do that anymore because with an 8x7sensor you can crop that later in post however youwant to slice that sensor with that 8×7 sensor younow have that option when you are filming in 8x7mode though within the camera it does limit yourresolution and your frame rate options but we’lltalk about that in a few minutes here becausethe next feature i want to tell you about isis what might be the craziest feature that thatwe’re gonna talk about today and it’s it’s mostexciting for for camera nerds like me but i thinki think you’re gonna like it also combined withthe gp2 chip from the hero 10 the gopro hero 11can now shoot 10-bit color which which is absurdfor a camera this size to be shooting 10-bit colornow let me explain the difference between 8-bitcolor and 10-bit color the hero 9 and hero 10 both8-bit cameras and on an 8-bit camera it can renderup to 16.7 million colors which does sound likea lot that’s a big box of crayons but with 10 bitthe gopro hero 11 can now render up to 1 billioncolors we’re going from 16.7 million colors to onebillion colors that that is an absurd leap in theability to render colors within an image whereyou’re gonna see this most is things like the skya lot of times in 8-bit footage you’ll see wherethere’s gradients of color where the sky is goingfrom from maybe where the sun is and it’s reallywhite and bright and then all the way kind ofgrading out to where it’s it’s darker blue outhere you’re going to kind of see some bandingwhere there’s kind of those lines in the sky italmost looks like a rainbow of colors that is8-bit color but on 10-bit color you’ve got somany more colors that as it moves out it’s ableto produce that gradient really really smoothit’s it’s the dorkiest nerdiest new feature ofthe gopro but boy is it good all right let’stalk about resolutions and frame rate when filmingin 16×9 mode we’re still getting that same awesome5.3k footage at up to 60 frames a second in 4k wecan go up to 120 frames a second and at 2.


7 k wecan go up to 240 frames a second which is eighttimes slow-mo eight times slo-mo is ridiculouslyslow there are there are very few times that iever use 240 frames a second even 120 frames asecond is usually too slow i’m almost always at60 frames a second then when we jump over to 4x3aspect ratio which is super popular for fpv dronepilots because they can use gopros real steady tostabilize in post so instead of stabilizing inthe camera they film in four by three with nostabilization throw it over to gold pros realsteady stabilization and they get those likecrazy stable shots in that 4×3 aspect ratio thoughwe do drop down to 5.3k at 30 frames a second 4k60 frames a second and 2.7 k at 120 frames asecond and then now we also have that new 8x7aspect ratio which i imagine that fpv pilots aregoing to take advantage of i don’t know if you’reable to pull that into real steady yet a lot ofthese features aren’t available pre-release buti imagine that that would be amazing andwe’ll talk about why in a minute here butin that 8×7 aspect ratio we can do 5.3k up to 30frames a second and 4k up to 60 frames a secondthere is no option right now to do 120 frames asecond with that 8×7 really square aspect ratiobut there’s a super clever new trick thatthey are using that 8×7 aspect ratio forand it comes to us in the form of two new digitallenses on the hero 9 and 10 we had narrow linearwide and super view lenses with super vue beambeing the widest lens that was available inthis camera but now with that 8×7 sensor theyintroduced a new digital lens called hyperviewtheir widest lens yet and an equivalent 12millimeters which is absurdly wide and basicallywhat they’re doing is they’re taking that 8x7frame the whole sensor and they’re squishing itdown into a 16×9 so you’re seeing this crazy wideview but it’s kind of squished into a 16 by nineframe for you so you just get this super widesuper immersive look and while it’s great forwhen things are far away when things are a littlecloser they look okay if they’re in the middle ofthe frame but if they move kind of off to the sideof the frame they they start to get real warpy andthere’s quite a bit of distortion out there on theedges it is really cool though and for pov shotsin particular i think i think that’s gonna be thelens to go to i think it’s gonna look so dang cooland your viewer is just gonna you just kind offeel like you’re there when you’re looking throughthat lens it’s so wide again a little bulby butbut really cool i’m glad it’s an option i’llprobably still film mostly in super view but coolto know i have that option to go wider the secondnew digital lens though it it might be even coolerthan hyper view before i jump into the let me tellyou guys a little bit about the sponsor of today’svideo snap mounts again my my very favorite goproaccessory if you have a gopro you should havestat mounts because most people like myselfhave multiple gopro mounts this is the suction cupmount that lives inside my windshield that’s how ido those cool like time warp things as i’m drivingthis is a tripod mount that i use all the timeand then of course i always walk around with thepole and snap mounts can move my gopro from mountto mount um that quickly so when i jump out ofthe car i just grab my gopro slap it on here andnow i’m walking around with my gopro on a pole idon’t have to work with thumb screws i don’t haveto deal with any of that i want to throw it on atripod boom uh on a tripod because of snap mountsagain turning any mount that you currently haveinto a magnetic mount for your gopro now you mightsay to yourself uh i am i am a super gnarly guyand i do super gnarly stuff and there is no magnetin the entire world that could that could hangon to what i’m gonna put it through and you mighthave a point but you’d also be wrong because snapmounts has this guy check check that out can yousee the little little extra bits right there thisis their locking adapter so if you are going to godo something that that you be i mean these magnetsthey don’t come off but if you were going to go dosomething that is super gnarly you take your snapmount you take this guy you put it in like thisyou twist it in place and now you have a magneticas well as two hooks mechanically advantagedholding that in place um it’s not falling off ifyou guys want to check out snap mounts as wellhave these on all of your different mounts andbe able to just move your gopro back and forthfirst thing in the description they are umamazing okay back to the hero 11 and thatsecond digital lens that again i think might beeven cooler than hyperview remember on the hero 10we had something called linear plus horizonleveling and you could take your gopro anddo this with it and and the horizon it wouldn’tgo anywhere as i start tilting them both of themdo a really good job with horizon leveling butwatch the hero 10 when we get to about 45 degreesi think it totally loses it and that goes away butkeep an eye on that here 11 and we go all the wayupside down no problem on the hero 11 come allthe way back so 360 degrees no matter no matterwhat you do with your gopro um the horizon staysupright so it’s as if the hero 11 always has amax lens mod on there and again you can just spinyour camera when i first tried this i i audiblygiggled just by myself because i i thought thatwas so cool oh you can still put the max lens modon here and you get the same effect but a muchwider view next up is hyper smooth 5.0 withauto boost now the stabilization on gopros hashas always been crazy but of course there’s acrop factor again we’re taking an inner rectanglewe’re putting it inside of an outer rectangle sothe more you want to be able to move that innerrectangle the more you have to crop in so whatauto boost does is it dynamically adjusts thatcrop based on how shaky the camera is so insteadof going into the settings and just sayingstandard stabilization which is a bit of cropor boost which is a lot of crop you say just goahead and do that automatically for me pleasego pro and as you walk along it might be wide butthen as you start running and your camera startsshaking that crop crops in a little tighter thenyou start walking again it kind of widens back outand it dynamically adjusts how cropped in yourframe is based on how much you’re shaking thegopro that’s very clever and then the last bigfeature you’re going to hear gopro talk about withthe hero 11 is their auto upload and highlightvideo creation feature now i haven’t been able totry this out because it wasn’t available duringprevious believe it’s gonna be available verysoon though so we can all try it out together butbasically what happens is when you plug your goproin it’s connected to your app it’s right thereit’s gonna automatically upload your footage tothe cloud for gopro subscribers only but it’snow gonna take that footage and it’s going toauto highlight that footage chop it up and createa highlight video that it’s that it’s then goingto email to you like the next day or somethingit’s kind of like you know what they do on theiphone where you get those those videos of yourphotos from the past it’s kind of like that forfor the gopro i probably won’t use that featurevery much but it’s one of those things whereevery once in a while they’ll make one foryou and you go ah that was pretty cool thatwas fun i like that one did i mention thatthis takes 27 megapixel photos the hero 10did 23 megapixel photos but now the hero 11 isdoing 27 megapixel photos and while well i’m nota big fan of the megapixel race because i think alot of cameras can trick consumers by saying oh ido 48 megapixels and it really looks like garbagein this case though with that new sensor and thegp2 processor um the photos look really good idon’t take a lot of photos on my gopro usually butthe photos that i have taken so far are superimpressive what might be more impressive thoughis that out of that 8×7 video footage you can pull24.


7 megapixel screen grabs of course when you’reshooting photos you can do raw you can do superphoto there’s a lot more things you can do whenyou are in photo mode but cool to know that invideo mode there’s some some very high resolutionscreen grabs you can just pull out of your photospull photos videos uh what else is new time warp3.0 is here now we can do 5.3 k on time warp ilove using time warp that’s that’s why i have thismounted in my car because you get those reallycool driving time warps and they’re they’re alwaysreally fun for videos and then new modes are onhere so if you swipe down now you swipe over topreferences you’ll see in the top there’s videomode and then the bottom controls in video modeyou’ve got two options you have highest or youhave extended battery now on highest it’s givingyou full access to everything that the gopro hasto offer and when you flip to extended batteryit limits the resolution and frame rate that youcan shoot at and the options that are availableso that you get the most extended battery and thenbelow that is controls and this is an interestingone and at first i thought it was silly but nownow i actually kind of like it so the first modeis pro that is everything just like your gopro hasalways been you can kind of scroll down throughthose settings there’s there’s so many optionsand things you can tweak and dial in and then youcan switch to something called easy mode an easymode says pre-loaded with video photo time-lapsesettings that make it easy to point shoot and getamazing results basically when you’re in this modeand you go into video you just says video one timespeed low light and on the left i can switch mylenses up and down on the right i can switch myspeed so it’s just kind of setting the camera upin a way that’s that’s really easy to understandthere’s not a lot of complex things going on toconfuse people so you throw it to this easy modeand uh you’re going to get some great photos andvideo great for beginners and then when you get alittle more advanced you want to dial things in alittle bit more you flip over to that pro mode andyou get all the controls that there is so thoseare all the the pros and the the main features ofthis camera what what are the cons of the hero 11black and honestly the cons for me on this cameraare the same that i had for the hero 10 blackthe first one being that there’s no quick switchbutton on here i want a physical button that isquick switch now there is a clever little trick todo let’s say i’m in the water maybe i’m snorkelingi have my screen locked because i don’t wantwater to be doing funky things to my touch screenso how then will i switch maybe through my quicksettings i’m in video mode i want to get to adifferent quick setting how do i do it i do powerand then shutter really quickly power shutterpulls up this little front screen here now i canuse the power button to cycle through all of myquick settings and then when i find the one i wanti hit the shutter button and and i’ve selected itthat is clever but i just kind of wish there wasa third button on there that i could go boop boopboop and whatever video photo or time lapse modei was in i could then cycle through those quicksettings within that mode i i really want a thirdbutton on here i get that they kept the physicalform factor the same for this so that mounts sothat things like the medium mods like this wouldall work with this new camera and obviouslythere’s no extra hole for a third button butum i really want it then my next con is is same askind of it’s always been the audio is good but notgreat the wind reduction is usually my main painpoint with all action cameras okay came out herefor a little audio test for the gopro hero 11 thisis what the audio sounds like just straight outof the camera no wind it is super super calm rightnow we’re gonna uh go for a little skateboard rideadd a little bit of wind and then you can youcan hear what it sounds like as i start movingi do have wind reduction turned on so thisis gopro given everything it’s got to reduceto reduce wind here we go all right 10 milesan hour how does 10 miles an hour sound10 miles per hour of wind or or you were doingsomething where you were going 10 miles per hourwhat does that sound like audioon the gopro and now we are at 15miles an hour there’s 15.

How does thatsound 15 miles per hour on the gopro hero 11.how’s that wind reduction hanging in there let’suh let’s get all the way up to what this board cando we’re at 20 miles an hour there’s 20 miles anhour how’s the gopro sound at 20 miles per houraudio test for the gopro hero 11.


whoa when you’rejust walking around it’s it’s usually totally fineand then when you you go fast or there’s a lotof wind introduced even with wind reduction onthe audio kind of falls apart if you do wantto see a really great way to get high qualityaudio for your gopro videos click click up therei made a whole video on how to get great audio forfor your gopro and the last con on the hero 11 isthe same as the hero 10 and 9 it’s that when youare connected to the app you’re controlling yourgopro from the app and you hit record on the appor on your gopro the screen goes black on the appso while you’re not recording you can preview whatyour shot’s going to look like but as soon as youhit record that preview goes away and you don’tknow what your gopro is recording if it’s mountedsomewhere else but i’m pretty sure that’s like apatent issue i think there’s a whole legal thinggoing on where gopro used to be able to do thatand then they kind of lost that feature because ofsome some legalese thing going on i’m not totallypositive someone commented that a while backand and that’s what i kind of just took okayguys that is it that is the gopro hero 11 whatis new what is different and what is the samewas was there something else you wanted to seeabout this camera oh overheating does the goprohero 11 overheat that is a fantastic question andfor that i made an entire video for you guys clickclick one of these floating boxes on the screenhere that is going to be an overheating video onthe hero 11 black to find out if this has the sameissues as as the gopro hero 10.

and then maybewhile you’re at it click click the other floatingbox for for another interesting camera that wasuh conveniently released also today go watchthose these other videos it’s it’s they’re good.

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